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Building Project

Ambassador:     Hansen Bablu

Location:     Titpur, West Bengal


Ministry:    Pastor

Equipping Ministers of the Gospel...

Pastor Hansen is one of our Ambassador Academy graduates and he is pastoring one of the few churches in his locality. In his village there are no permanent locations for the church to meet in, and it is our desire to construct a permanent place of fellowship. The building will be used for the church to meet in and act as an outreach center for the community.

We’ve already helped Pastor Hansen rebuild his home after a powerful storm destroyed it in 2013, and so far we’ve invested about $2,000 into the construction of the church building. To finish the project, this is what we need:

Cost is Rs. 2,50,000 = $4500.00

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Project Details

  1. Church construction

  2. The only permanent structure in the entire village.

  3. Place of worship

  4. Outreach center for the community

Pastor Hansen Bablu

Titpur Village