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We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime! Jesus said He’s coming soon, and by the grace of God we will do our part to make that happen. We serve Jesus in India; where there are more people who need Him than perhaps anywhere else in the world. What an opportunity!

God has called us ‘together’ with others around the world ‘to gather’ fruit for eternity!

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  1. We absolutely love you guys and believe in you and the work that you are doing! God truly has anointed you and strategically placed you – praise God! Keep it up!

  2. Peter Oni says:

    Thanks for sharing the words of God with us . We always enjoy receiving fresh news from India and its surroundings. We are glad to take part of God’s precious food that is the scripture. through the Soul-Purpose Ministries. Blessings to your team members .
    Eugene, Oregon

  3. Kenei and Martha Kiso says:

    Hey we love you guys and we know that you guys are fulfilling the plan of God in Sikkim, India. Keep on moving ahead for Jesus and don’t look back.

  4. Ambar says:

    To God be The Glory! You guys are doing a great Job! Keep it up! Love you guys!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Mike & Jyoti I enjoyed this video. Mike, God has blessed you with wisdom and the ability to share God’s word with “understanding”. You shine a new light on Him and this is a good thing. You are doing a wonderful job. Bless you both for your willingness.

    Mike Van Buskirk Reply:

    Thanks Carolyn! We appreciate you and your words of encouragement. We serve a great God.

  6. anand khemai of Surname S-america says:

    I’m very glad to know your commitment in India. I’m a hindoestani would like to know abouthow it is to bring the good news of Jesus to the people there.
    We have also alots of hindoes here,it will help us to reach them

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