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The last week!

There’s just one more week to participate in our “Night of Hope” fundraiser. All the details can be found online HERE.

July 28, 2017  /  No Comments ››

The Next Generation…

When we first started taking children into Sikkim’s “Hope Home” over 10 years ago, we didn’t fully know what we were getting ourselves into.

July 13, 2017  /  No Comments ››

One more reason…

Saving one life was reason enough for Christ to leave heaven, come to earth, and give His life. I was one of those lives, and…

July 7, 2017  /  No Comments ››

Better Together

A couple weeks ago I mentioned my new book, Better Together. I’ve ordered printed copies to send out to partners while we are visiting the USA this summer…

June 23, 2017  /  No Comments ››

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