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New Addition!

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The Lord has given us another precious little girl!

Diksha Rai

Diksha Rai is one of five children in her family. Her dad died a few years ago, and her mom was unable to afford to keep and take care of all her kids. So, all of her kids, except the youngest son, has been given to work in somebody’s house or are staying elsewhere.

Her mom lives a few hours away from our house. She works in a tea garden and barely earns enough for her self.

We found out about her from a new believer who has started coming to our church in Sikkim. This new believer brought Diksha into her home since her mom couldn’t afford to keep her. Since this new believer doesn’t have time to look after her, and a lot of her relatives are asking to take the little girl to work in their house, she asked if we could take her into our Hope Home, where she will have the privilege to go to school and grow in the Lord, rather than going and working in a hindu family’s house.

Her mom came and signed all the paperwork, we’re happy and blessed to have Diksha in our Home!

We need someone to come alongside us in sponsorship of this dear little girl. Our goal is to raise $80 in support per month for her and all of our children. If the Lord leads you, you can participate in all or any part of that amount. We’re also raising extra money for her immediate needs, which include new clothes and medical check-ups.

Let us know if you’d like to be a part of blessing Diksha!

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