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We are rejoicing for the finalized purchase of our boy’s home in Kolkata! Below is a picture from my recent trip where all the documents were signed.

In Kolkata, here’s what’s next — and here’s what you can be praying about.

  1. We are looking for the right property to launch our academic school in. This needs to be found before the end of the year in order to open our own school. If we aren’t able to get into a facility, we will need to send our boys to a nearby school for the next academic year.
  2. We are also looking for a house to launch our girls home in. We need an independent house with adequate space, and we wish to keep the girls home in the same neighborhood as the boys.

Please pray and agree with us for these needs to be met. We know there’s much more the Lord would have us do to rescue precious boys and girls. Thank you for standing with us!

With Love,
Mike Van Buskirk

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