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Lakshmi, Neha & Roshni – Soul-Purpose!

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Our girl’s home in Kolkata has begun!

Here are our house parents Abhishek and Annu along with our first 3 little girls in Kolkata; Lakshmi, Neha & Roshni! We’re so excited to finally be able to rescue precious little girls from the streets of Kolkata. Each of these girls faced a very dangerous future amid the poverty, addiction, and crime that surrounded their lives near the Indian railway. Now, thank God, they have a future filled with hope!

We’re working on getting sponsorship pages set up for each of our girls. We’ve taken them each in by faith, knowing that every need will be supplied. We raise $80 per month for each of the children in our care; and here are 3 wonderful opportunities!

If you’d like more information about sponsorship, please let us know! You can begin your support as soon as you’d like. And, as always, we’ll be sharing more updates soon!

Thanks for praying and rejoicing with us!

With Love,
Mike Van Buskirk


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