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For years I’ve been praying out what we’re now walking out in Kolkata! First our boys home, and now a home for precious little girls! We have found what we believe is going to be the perfect place for them to grow in. We met the owners, and they are happy to rent to us — in fact, they’re already hoping we’ll buy!

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The rent for this house will be about $250 per month, and we’ll plan to take possession of the house in January. There’s plenty of room for our 12 girls, and what a joy it will be to rescue each one.

In India, people often name their homes, and it’s pretty neat that our boys home — the one we just got done purchasing was named “Praarthana” which means Prayer in Hindi. And guess what our home for the girls is named? In Hindi, it’s “Aasheervaad”, which in English means Blessing! Coincidence? I think not! Prayer + Blessing!

Please stand in faith with us for the wisdom and provision we need to move forward!

With Love,
Mike Van Buskirk


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