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Introducing the A.I.M. project! It stands for Ambassadors in Ministry, and through this project we are partnering with native ministers of the gospel in the nation(s) of India & beyond!

In 2007, the Lord spoke to my heart and instructed me to establish this facet of our ministry. He further led me to commit 5% of our income to a special fund just for this cause. I began to imagine what could happen if God’s people everywhere decided to set aside just 5% of their income, specifically for the purpose of funding the Great Commission. The results would be tremendous!

If you are reading this, then I ask you to pray about becoming a part of this project. Perhaps the Lord would have you designate a specific amount of support per month, or perhaps you would like to partner with one of the Ambassador we’re working with; you can do that prayerfully and financially.

Below is one project we recently completed by the grace of God!

Progress Update: We raised the total budget for this project from $4500 to $6,000. The total need has been met 100% through the support of our church in Sikkim! 

To learn more about the A.I.M. Project, and to show you support VISIT HERE.

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